Pleasure Running Also Has Its Own Tempo

Published: 17th April 2012
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I can make conversations to myself in running. During the running process, I think I am really thinking and many things will also come to my mind when it becomes a habit for me to run. At times, I will run with bathing in the summer sun in mountains, for there will be empty brain, highly centralized spirit as well as clear mentality. This kind of rhythm only can be felt in running.

Running mountains can make it easier to drive the memory of genes. There are lots of tastes among that sort of joy, such as the achievement feeling that comes from challenging the nature as well as the force of impact from comparing feet with the natural world. Although there are wide mountain, sky and canyon, although you are a drop in the bucket, you are running and there are conversation between you and the natural world. This kind of intimacy is the original impulse that is carried by your genes themselves.

Runners are going to undergo various body experience under diverse outdoor environments. Noah, a director of marketing of a outdoor brand called Sand Leroy. I am fond of climbing mountains on foot and I am especially sick of highway running for it is stiff and as dry as a chip. This idea was totally changed, however, when I have participated in the challenge competition of the outdoor endurance running held in Beijing Changping named The North Face 100.

In cities, I would like to run just for running, however, I will also keep an eye on the PM2.5 value of number every day, which is announced by the Embassy website of the United States. When the weather is nice, I would like to run from home to unit, and I also will run home in the evening. I often go to mountains for cross-country races, and it is the most favorite thing I like to do on weekends. As a matter of fact, there are constant changes of the environment of running. I will occasionally run in mountains ups and downs, and there are different sceneries on each downhills, uphills and corner places. It is not boring at all when you notice the rhythm of your breathing and the rhythm that your body reflects to you.

I have written my original "memorable" experience of running. When I was studying at the University of Hong Kong at that time, I previously have participated in the Hong Kong 5000-meter race. I ended it up in failure because of various of my own reasons, so there was a period that I put my running shoes on the shelf.

Once from an old magazine called "OUTSIDE", I turned to an advertisement by accident. There were no appearance of vivid colors and stars attraction in the whole two pages, what we can see was just a straight road that passed through a lonely field as well as a person who was running to the distant mountains by himself in a rainy night. The small print in the upper left corner of the page read: When does a jogger become a runner, on a day like this. Right at that night, when raindrops really fell on my body, it seemed to be that it swept all gains and losses.

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